Asia, South Korea

Busan Beach Weekend

Korean summers are insanely hot and humid. Even coming from California, I could not handle the heat. Almost every day it was 90 degrees with 70% humidity and then out of nowhere there would be a torrential downpour that just made it even hotter. Luckily, being a peninsula you can find easy relief from the… Continue reading Busan Beach Weekend

Hawaii, USA

Kauai: A Week on the Garden Isle

The Aloha State. The Sandwich Islands. Hawaii is one of those places that seems to entrance everyone who steps foot on one of her islands. I know of dozens of people who return back again and again and I’ve never understood why someone would go to the same place for every vacation until I went… Continue reading Kauai: A Week on the Garden Isle

Europe, Germany

Celebrating Fall at the Ludwigsburg Kürbisfest

Summer’s almost over and the fall season is just around the corner.  That means cool weather, cozy sweaters, changing leaves, and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.  If you think this seasonal obsession with pumpkin is just an American thing, think again.  In Germany, pumpkins (or kürbis) are eaten like any other squash, but in the Fall get… Continue reading Celebrating Fall at the Ludwigsburg Kürbisfest

Jalisco, Mexico

Pyramids, Tequila & Tortas: A Cultural & Culinary Tour

Only about an hour outside of Guadalajara is the town of Tequila.  It’s not a very large town and if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve definitely heard of its major product.  Yes, the sleepy town of Tequila produces the stuff of Spring Break legend - and has been for decades.  Not super close, but… Continue reading Pyramids, Tequila & Tortas: A Cultural & Culinary Tour


Three Reasons You Should Try Camping

When I was growing up my parents and I used to camp a lot.  We would go on week-long excursions to Northern California, or camp along the Baja peninsula on the way to our timeshare in Cabo San Lucas.  My dad even rigged out the bed of his pickup truck with drawers that ran the… Continue reading Three Reasons You Should Try Camping

Massachusetts, USA

Twelve Hours in Boston

Boston has been on my travel list since high school, but as time went on getting to the east coast seemed less and less a possibility and my plans to visit Boston were put on the back burner. That was until my parents invited me to go with them on their vacation to Nantucket last… Continue reading Twelve Hours in Boston

Massachusetts, USA

Summer in Nantucket

What do you know about Nantucket Island?  If you said, “not much” I think you’re in good company.  I can admit that pretty much the only thing I knew about the island was that there was a dirty limerick about it (and to be honest I didn’t even know the rest of it) and that… Continue reading Summer in Nantucket

Jalisco, Mexico

Guadalajara: the Cultural Capital of Jalisco

My family and I have been vacationing in Baja California for as long as I can remember. I believe the first time I went I was six years old.  In fact, my parents had both been traveling to Baja independently for years before they met each other 35 years ago. So believe me when I… Continue reading Guadalajara: the Cultural Capital of Jalisco

Europe, Italy

A Roman Holiday

I was sixteen the first time I went to Europe.  My mom’s friend was working in Barcelona at the time so my parents and I spent a week visiting her and another week seeing Austria, Germany, and Italy.  We only got a few days in Italy, spending the night in Vernazza - part of the… Continue reading A Roman Holiday

USA, Washington

Exploring Washington: Highlights of the Olympic Peninsula

How do you plan for a trip somewhere you’ve never been before? If you were going to New York, you’d probably aim for NYC. If you were headed to California you might want to go to San Francisco or Los Angeles. Looking to anchor your excursion in a place you know has plenty of action makes a lot of sense. But maybe you want to see something different and not be surrounded by tourists. There are lots of things to see and discover off the beaten track.