Europe, Luxembourg

Falling in Love with Luxembourg

Have you ever wanted to visit a place for a weird reason? I was slightly obsessed with Luxembourg while I was living in Germany because it is a tiny country. Why was it so tiny? What are the people like? I didn’t know much about it, I just wanted to see it. The Grand Duchy… Continue reading Falling in Love with Luxembourg

Europe, Italy

A Roman Holiday

I was sixteen the first time I went to Europe.  My mom’s friend was working in Barcelona at the time so my parents and I spent a week visiting her and another week seeing Austria, Germany, and Italy.  We only got a few days in Italy, spending the night in Vernazza - part of the… Continue reading A Roman Holiday

Europe, Germany

Tübingen: A Classic German Town

Western Europe can intimidate people because it's perceived to be an expensive place to visit. While it's really easy to spend a ton of money in any place you travel, if you do your research before hand you can save a lot. One example is the Bundesland train tickets that Germany offers. If you travel… Continue reading Tübingen: A Classic German Town