Asia, South Korea

The House of Sharing: Seoul, South Korea

When I was living in South Korea I had the opportunity to visit the House of Sharing about an hour's bus ride north of Seoul in Gwanju, Gyeonggi-do. Both a home for surviving "comfort women" of Korea and a museum that focuses on their lives during WWII and the horrific and torturous acts committed against them,… Continue reading The House of Sharing: Seoul, South Korea

Asia, South Korea

Gakwonsa Temple: Cheonan, South Korea

Just as Europe is filled with castles and churches, Asia is filled with temples. Sometimes big cities like Seoul will have more than one. They vary a lot in size and extravagance, but usually have one thing in common - they are on a hill. The Gakwonsa Temple (각원사) in Cheonan, South Korea is no… Continue reading Gakwonsa Temple: Cheonan, South Korea

Asia, South Korea

‘Camping’ on Muuido Island

Muuido (Moo-edo) Island is a small Island near Incheon, which is where the airport closest to Seoul is located.  We left Cheonan at 8am and it took us about 2 hours to get there.  We made excellent time.  The others in the group were going via bus and they didn't leave until 930 and arrived… Continue reading ‘Camping’ on Muuido Island

Asia, South Korea

How To Teach English in South Korea

If you've looked into teaching English as a foreign language (commonly referred to as TEFL) you might have noticed that not only does every country have different requirements for employment, the pay rates vary drastically.  After the United Arab Emirates, South Korea is the second highest paying country for English teachers. That's due in part… Continue reading How To Teach English in South Korea


Trapped in a Bathroom

In Korea, there are several different types of bathrooms.  Ranging from squatters (I've never seen what these actually look like, I refused to use one at the restaurant on friday) to regular flush toilets to "magic toilets".  Magic toilets look like regular toilets but have the special feature of washing your ass and then drying… Continue reading Trapped in a Bathroom