California, USA

Summer Camping Series: Mount Laguna

Labor Day - the traditional end of summer (although fall doesn’t technically start until three weeks later) and that three day weekend right after the first week of school has become a popular holiday for spending time outdoors. Gotta soak up all that sun before it’s gone right? Or at least I assume that’s what… Continue reading Summer Camping Series: Mount Laguna

California, USA

Summer Camping Series: Sequoia!

Raise your hand if you love National Parks! *raises hand* But I have a confession to make. Until earlier this year, when I visited Joshua Tree the only National Park in California I’d visited was Alcatraz Island in San Francisco. Terrible, I know. I’ve been to several in other states like Utah, Arizona, and Oregon,… Continue reading Summer Camping Series: Sequoia!

California, USA

Summer Camping Series: Lake Cachuma

Summer vacations might not be a thing anymore after leaving school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the longer hours and warmer weather with a weekend get away. If you’re looking for a thrifty way to step away from the office, commune with nature, and explore your city or state, camping just might be… Continue reading Summer Camping Series: Lake Cachuma


Three Reasons You Should Try Camping

When I was growing up my parents and I used to camp a lot.  We would go on week-long excursions to Northern California, or camp along the Baja peninsula on the way to our timeshare in Cabo San Lucas.  My dad even rigged out the bed of his pickup truck with drawers that ran the… Continue reading Three Reasons You Should Try Camping

Asia, South Korea

‘Camping’ on Muuido Island

Muuido (Moo-edo) Island is a small Island near Incheon, which is where the airport closest to Seoul is located.  We left Cheonan at 8am and it took us about 2 hours to get there.  We made excellent time.  The others in the group were going via bus and they didn't leave until 930 and arrived… Continue reading ‘Camping’ on Muuido Island