The Road Trip Survival Guide – REVIEW

Rob Taylor of 2TravelDads is not only an expert in all things travel, he’s also an exceptional human and a wonderful friend of mine. So of course I’m going to hype his guide to planning epic road trips! Tips and tricks, and tons of inspiration for putting together the best solo/couple/family adventures – this book is literally chalked full of everything you’ll need to plan your next trip.

Road trips have always been and will continue to be a sensible type of travel for individuals, couples, and families. Even though gas prices continue to rise, there are a lot of reasons why road trips are a great alternative to flying.

Planning a theme for your road trip? Yep! Great ideas here – I’m especially jazzed about taking a solo history trip soon.

Tips for easy to make and store snacks (and healthy too, Rob’s always got the goods on good-for-you snacks) and important packing tips for road safety. Even when you rent a car! Never thought of that before…

I love Airbnb but I’ve been struggling with the fact that so many people are abusing it that it’s become a really big problem for small communities. Rob discusses this and talks about better ways to help the local economies while traveling, like booking a regular bed and breakfast.

Something else I never thought of was flying to a destination to rent a car for a road trip! I’ve always wanted to go on road trips through other parts of the country but can’t take a month off work to drive to New York and explore (as much as I would love to).

The last part of the book is where Rob’s expertise from being in the travel industry for many years comes in. Find fully planned itineraries for road trips in the US, Mexico, and Canada. If you want to travel but are not a planner, this part is worth picking up the book, even if you skip all the other advice he’s given.

The last year has been crazy and uncertain, but the good news is travel will always be there. Let’s go!

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