Busan is a huge city on the East coast of Korea.  Thanks to the superb public transportation in Korea, it’s an easy 2 hours trip on the KTX (bullet train) from Cheonan.. The regular train takes 4 hours and the bus…I don’t even want to know.  Travel in Korea is extremely cheap, even the bullet train only cost about $40 round trip.

IMG_0449Korean summers are insanely hot and humid.  I’m from California and I could not handle the heat.  Luckily, Korean beaches come equipped with many ways to keep cool including renting an umbrella to stay out of the sun and inner tube rentals so you can float in the water.  The ocean was about 60 degrees, so it takes a few minutes to get used to it, but since it’s so hot on the sand, the water temp evens out your body temperature and makes it very pleasant to be in for extended periods of time.  The beaches are crowded and so is the water but once you get out on your inner tube there’s not much to really care about.

Koreans take extra precautions when it comes to the sun.  People get in the water wearing button up shirts, sweatshirts with the hoods up, jeans, even running shoes and socks .  And since Korean youth is highly concerned about their status updates, they sell waterproof bags they can put their phones in and you can see people taking all kinds of selfies.  I don’t think I would trust a $5 plastic bag with my phone, but that’s just me.


Near the beach there are plenty of restaurants and bars so you can bring your bucket of chicken from the KFC and beers from the Sun 24 on the beach to enjoy.  After you’ve soaked up enough sun the clubs are open late and of course norebong is always an option. Just as in most cities there are hostels you can stay in for pretty cheap that aren’t too far from the beach,  making it easy to stumble back to your bunk at the end of a very long day.