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Tokyo DisneySEA

The Tokyo Disneyland Resort has two parks Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySEA.  DisneySEA is without a doubt the most beautiful amusement park I have ever been to.  It is not a traditionally Disney style; it is almost like DCA in the neighborhood like feel.

At the front of the Park is Mediterranean Harbor, which includes the Hotel MiraCosta that is built into the park.  It looks like a bunch of Italian villas squished together and is basically the front wall of the Park.  Which is awesome.


Right at the center of the park is a volcano housing Journey to the Center of the Earth one of the most popular rides at the park and an original Tokyo Disneyland attraction.  It had a 90 minute wait pretty much all day, but I managed to wait only an hour for it.  The entire que was inside the volcano and it wound it’s way around some pretty cool steam punk style displays.  They also had a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction with a Nautalis docked in the water out front.

I was really anxious to check out their Tower of Terror.  I had heard wonderful things about it and am a little obsessed with the attraction in general, since I used to work at the attraction in Disney California Adventure.  It is in the American Waterfront part of the park, so I walked through a really cool vintage New York city street with brick buildings, a park and a Broadway theatre.

New York

New York Waterworks. So punny.


The Hotel Highwater

The first half of the que is in the lobby of the hotel, like at home.  The story of the attraction follows Hightower, a rich white guy who pilfered valuable and historical artifacts from various tombs all over the world and brought them home to put in his hotel. Eventually he brought home something that was cursed and found himself taking a trip in the elevator he was not expecting.  All of this I gathered from what I was seeing and watching, because it was all in Japanese.  Even Hightower (white guy, remember) spoke Japanese.  After being led in circles around the lobby we were brought into another room and given a spiel which I assumed was the anti room before New York Preservation Society gave us a tour through Hightower’s impressive collection.  The Cast Members were members of the Society and the sign telling us about the collection was in English.  But the spiel was in Japanese.  So I’m really just guessing.  Anyway, then we are brought into a room that looks like it could be his office and we watch the creepy cursed monkey-like idol sparkle and then disappear.  I had heard that the ride was scary so I was genuinely creeped out by this part.  Then the second part of the que goes through the basement where his collection is held before getting on the elevator.  The ride itself is almost exactly like the American version with the hallway that turns into stars and the mirror that everyone waves at before disappearing in front of it. The only difference is the animation in the hallway scene features Hightower and that creepy monkey.  Also, all the attractions seemed to have shoulder belts which I found a little over dramatic.


If you continue along the American Waterfront you’ll see an old fashioned cruise ship (it looks a lot like the Queen Mary or Titanic) which is a buffet restaurant and a little further along is a Nantucket style harbor town.

This felt like a New England coastal town


American Waterfront


In the back of the park is the Hidden River Delta, which includes Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull which thankfully had a single rider line because it was exactly like Indy back home in every way except for the Japanese speaking Indy. The only difference was that they took a picture when the giant rock ball is coming at you.  My expression speaks volumes.

Unimpressed on Indiana Jones


Next to Indy was a little roller coaster with a “360 degree loop” called Raging Spirits that is unique to the Park.

Other areas include Arabian Coast:

Arabian Coast

and Mermaid Lagoon, with rides specifically for children:

The Mermaid Lagoon

The last thing I did was watch the broadway show in the theater in the American Waterfront.  There is a nice restaurant that sells American style sandwiches so I grubbed on a Ruben before the show.

Ruben sandwich and a Sapporo of course

The show was really cute, kind of reminded me of the show we saw on our cruise last year. The main singers and dancers were American.  This was the same deal in Tokyo Disneyland.  They want their face characters to look like the characters in the movies so they bring over entertainment cast members from California or Florida to work at Tokyo or Hong Kong.  The back up dancers and fuzzies are Korean.  It was a great way to wrap up my Disney experience in Tokyo.



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  1. I had to laugh at your Indiana Jones picture. You’re sitting there as calm as a cucumber while everyone else is going crazy (especially little Bug Eyes in the front seat)


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