In Korea, there are several different types of bathrooms.  Ranging from squatters (I’ve never seen what these actually look like, I refused to use one at the restaurant on friday) to regular flush toilets to “magic toilets”.  Magic toilets look like regular toilets but have the special feature of washing your ass and then drying it off.  

So when I went to the movies today, I went to the bathroom before and found myself in one of these magic toilets.  I didn’t know it was magic until after I had finished  because there was toilet paper.  I figured it out after I pulled my pants back up and tried to flush it by pushing one of the 6 buttons on the side and pushed the one that apparently washed your bum.  So here I was, pressed up against the side of the stall with a stream of water hitting the door and me helpless to stop it.  I tried to push other buttons to make it stop, but after a few minutes the puddle of water was pooling under the door, so I closed the toilet lid and ran out.